Grocery Store Diaries

I know exactly where the private restroom is at the Hy-Vee on 53rd Street. If you're wondering, it's past the pharmacy in a little corner by some personal hygiene items and greeting cards. I didn't have time to peruse either of those offerings on Sunday, however, because I was a mama on a mission. And … Continue reading Grocery Store Diaries


Balls and Coffee

Today's current events provide a lot of potential fodder for writers. From the Me Too movement to memos, media can leave us feeling enraged or engaged. Sometimes I feel like the kind of writing I do on this blog isn't newsworthy enough to be read by you all. But then I'm reminded of the community … Continue reading Balls and Coffee


We aren't pregnant yet. There I said it. When I wrote that hopeful September post, I was already fantasizing about announcing our pregnancy, and our Christmas card photo, and our nursery theme...all the planning things were crowding my brain, leaving little room for doubt, or reality. Back in April, I had a full panel of … Continue reading Hope